Art reviews and articles

My articles, essays and reviews have been published in on-line and print art and literary magazines and other non-fiction in local and national press, a ‘micro’ article being awarded competition winner in the latter. 

‘…so lyrical - a wonderful impression of the atmosphere of Storm King.  A fascinating piece; we are very keen to publish the article as soon as possible!’ 
The Editors, 3rd Dimension: Public Sculptures and Monuments.
‘We greatly enjoyed reading your essay and are delighted to accept 'The Poetry of Matisse's Art' for publication’.
The Editor, Tears in the Fence International Literary Magazine.

Reader's comments:
Wonderful, so stimulating and so beautifully written!  Anna Youatt, New York

A wonderful writer …  the piece is many, many levels above, and much more creative than most art reviews I've read. Linda White, Chicago.

I particularly enjoyed how you brought me into the experience of strolling through the sculpture garden and your description of the stone wall piece sprawled across the landscape like a snake. John Hamilton, New Mexico.

Your article in 3rd Dimension is fantastic and so beautifully described.  It made me want to go there! It is amazing how you use words to create something so visually vivid in the readers` mind! Eliana de Macedo, Curitiba, Brazil.

You really know what you are talking about! I am impressed by you and your capabilities. Nick Williams, London.

You are truly a gifted writer! I loved your description of the area. Nancy Leigh, Chicago.
Your sculpture park article is brilliant, beautifully written, enormously erudite and scholarly. Chrissie Murphy, London